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The Quality of Care Tool is an assessment model which was specifically designed to look at neglect, and help professionals and parents to focus on the key areas that need intervention. It supports open discussions with families, and enables a very clear baseline of current functioning to be taken. Focussed plans to address difficulties are easier to develop, and “rescoring” at key intervals enables all involved to measure progress objectively. It is a child centred approach which can be used to measure their strengths, weaknesses and what needs to change.

NSPCC have completed some research on the use of these types of tools and have found –

 “…it removes some of the perceived judgements that families felt were being made about them. So I think social workers were saying that it didn’t feel that they were being viewed as judgemental. It enables that conversation without feeling they’re coming in and imposing some sort of value-based judgement.”

“Parents gained a better understanding of the professionals’ concerns”. The process of looking at a tool and discussing the “scoring with the practitioner could help parents to understand the nature and level of concerns.”

The Quality of Care Tool enables practitioners to gather evidence and can be useful in the court arena or with managers to argue the case for court interventions.

You can complete the quality of care tool on its own however there is a separate Action Plan which can be copied from the tool.

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