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The Peterborough Safeguarding Adults multi-agency policies and procedures have been developed to meet the requirements of “no secrets” and the Association of Adult Social Services National Framework. These procedures should be used in conjunction with partnership and individual organisations procedures on related issues.

1.Multi-Agency Adult Safeguarding ProceduresNew September 2016
2.Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures to Support People who Self-NeglectNew September 2016
3.Multi-Agency Protocol for Working with People who Display Hoarding BehavioursNew September 2016
4.PSAB Escalation Resolution Procedures
5.PSAB Practice Guidance Working With Coroner
6.PSAB Practice Guidance Minutes Safeguarding Meetings
7.Pressure Ulcer GuidanceUpdated May 2016
See also Pressure Ulcer Grading Chart
See also Pressure area care
8.Flowchart Guidelines For Treatment Of Hyperglycaemia - High Blood Glucose - November 2015
9.FlowChart Guidelines For Treatment Of Hypoglycaemia - Low Blood Glucose - November 2015
10.Top tips on how to work with Domestic AbuseNew September 2016
Nice Guidance
QS116Domestic violence and abuse in adults and young people aged 16 years and overFebruary 2016